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Swamp Fox Art Gallery Classes

Jim Dyson, Swamp Fox Artist in Residence

Be taught the right way, by award winning Low County master artist, Jim Dyson.

Small class sizes for individual attention.

  • Basic Art for Beginners
  • Beginning Oil Painting
    (No Experience Necessary!)
  • The Secrets to Successful Acrylic Painting
  • The Principles of Oil Portraiture
    (Painting experience required & necessary)


All other courses offered are 30 hours, and $175 per course.

Minimum of 5 students required for class

Call for more information. Sign up at the Gallery front desk and we will notify you as course dates become available!

Swamp Fox Art
Courses Available

Basic Art for Beginners

5 Days, 30 hours, $175
Basic Art for beginners is not just for beginners. It is for any working artist who has not had the opportunity to discover the fundamentals that makes artwork work, such as perspective, shadows, cast shadows, bonded shadows, formed shadows, suspended shadows, traveling shadows, and many more. Light, light direction, how light affects an object, reflected light, and much more concerning light. Composition, arranging your subject matter on your canvas, triangle composition, I-shaped composition, eye stoppers, eye flow, center of attention, primary subject matter, fillers and much more. How to read a scale rule, how to create your own unorthodox scale, how to work with pastels and charcoal, how to paper doll a composition

Beginning Oil Painting

5 Days, 30 hours, $175
In Beginning Oil Painting, you will complete 3 oil paintings: Two l l x l 4 one on canvas panel, one on stretched canvas. These are simple still lifes by Hank Bos. The main painting is also a still life which will encompass many techniques such as a glass wine bottle in raffia, a filled transparent wine glass, apples, grapes, and lemons with a wrinkled table cloth and a backdrop seated on a saw buck table. Canvases furnished by students. Images placed on canvas by instructor, paints, materials, and brushes furnished by students.

Secrets to successful Acrylic Painting

5 Days, 30 hours, $175
You will learn how to keep your acrylics wet for over a week. There will be 2 paintings completed. First, painting Palmetto Sunset l 6x20 on a canvas. Palmetto palms in a backwater setting. The second painting is 11x14 entitled looking for mama. Consists of a baby duck in down. You will be taught how to set up an acrylic palette, also how to use the progression of application. You wi ll be taught how to use the most important tools in the art trade a mahl stick

Principles of Oil Portraiture

5 Days, 30 hours, $175
Portrait will be painted from a family photograph. It should be a bust produced by a professional photographer. Ideal photograph are high school or grammar school photographs. Recommended canvas size either l 6x20 or l 8x24 with a portrait smooth finish. The image will be placed on the canvas by the instructor. You will be taught to paint this portrait by a successful instructor who has taught dozens to paint portraits. Paints, brushed, and materials furnished by student.

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